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4 Great Reasons To Start THAT Decorating Project This Month! (September)

It’s that other time of year when everything feels a little bit like a new start. The summer is over (sadly) and the days are slowly beginning to adjust to the new incoming season. The next big holiday (which I won’t even mention) is a while away yet and because it’s more of an ‘indoors’ holiday time,  your home begins to matter just that bit more!

People will be spending more time inside rather than soaking up the sun outside in the garden. I might say ‘what sun’ but don’t want to be too much of a grumpy old lady… it did come out occasionally…mmm.

So, there are some very good reasons why right now is a particularly good time to start to plan and think about what decorating you would just love to have finished by Christmas.

Wouldn’t it be great to invite the in-laws over and not have the stress of worrying about ‘the state of the place’? Sound familiar?

And there is always some room (at least one) that needs a bit of attention, that was never finished properly or has got a bit dated and tatty. For me, it’s my living room and it’s a total redesign after a mini flood occurred while we were away on hols – it wasn’t too bad, but the beautiful parquet floor, which was here when we bought the house sustained some damage as did some of the walls and wallpaper when the water cascaded down in our absence  :-/


Things Are Back To Normal.
If you have children, they will be back to school and that routine starts all over again which means more structure to your day and so more space to think…hopefully! Also, any disruption to the house during decorating is so much easier tolerated when they are well out of the way!

It’s weeks & weeks & weeks before Christmas.
It’s a lull.
It’s in-between summer and Christmas (sorry) and things are normal, mostly.

Decorating takes time…it is sooooo not like any of those TV shows where things are made-over in 30 seconds, or a day or any other ridiculous time frame.

You need to start to think and plan what you want to achieve…do some research online, I love to use Pinterest to get inspiration from. If you haven’t already used it, click HERE and take a look at some of the ideas and mood-boards I have created that help inspire me.

So just start gathering your thoughts and ideas. Rip things out of magazines if you like & get all your ideas out of your head and onto paper (a lovely cute notebook that you use exclusively for this project would be perfect – I’m a hoarder of beautiful stationery).

Ask yourself what’s staying, what you need new, what functions occur in the room, the way you want it to feel, the general colours you like/want and the style you are aiming for as well as how much money you have for it. My free eBook “10 Interior Design Secrets To Make Your Home Fabulous” will help with some of this too…get it instantly by email >>>>HERE<<<<

Researching and gathering ideas is the first step and it doesn’t have to take forever, but it can if you procrastinate and let it.
And you want to get on with it!
Go for it – I’m doing the same with my project! (Pretty notebook at the ready).
Once you have an idea and a vision of what you want for the room, you’ll need to start the implementation.
Which leads on to reason No. 3.

Great trades people are being booked up VERY VERY quickly.

In my house my hubby is not especially well known for his DIY skills (they simply don’t exist) so I always have to call in professional help. I possibly could undertake a bit of painting myself, but actually, I have absolutely worked out that I’m far too busy doing my day job and further, the professional whose day job it is, will produce a far better result than I ever would!

If your trades people are very good at what they do, you will find them hard to get hold of for your project and in the weeks leading up to Christmas they will disappear off the face of the earth (to other customers or they’ll get the flu) and you simply won’t want an unfinished room.
Horror of horrors.


Out of stock… “I’m really sorry, it won’t arrive until 12th January” responses when you try to place an order.

End of summer sales are still around as shops get ready to bring in new winter themed stock, so especially in furniture and accessory stores, there’s usually some great value discounts around just after the summer, which is great.

And what’s even more important is, if you do need to order something like a sofa/bed/table or even a rug you may find a 16 week lead time, at worst. It can be less, but it’s another reason to just push on!!

So, honestly, if you are like one of my lovely new clients who wants the living room to be all super gorgeous and welcoming and filled with family making special memories in her sumptuous new home this next holiday period, then do not delay and get started!

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