What Exactly Is An Online Course? - Adore Your Home with Heather Craig


I’m a Home Stager – which means I help people get a better sales price when they want to move.
(I’m also an Interior Designer – which means I help people have lovely homes)

I do the above with individual people, one person at a time. A few every month.

But, I wanted to help more people get a far better price when they sell because I KNOW its absolutely possible!

Sooo, I have created an online course which I absolutely love! And so will you.



It’s a brilliant new way learning things you really want know how to do.

There are courses on how to do just about anything from decorating a cake to creating a wildflower garden to writing a book. You do it in your own time, in your own home, on the beach, wherever suits you!

You typically watch videos and listen to the teacher on your laptop, iPad, tablet or phone, at your desk or on the sofa. At home, on holiday, during the day or night. Cuppa optional.

An online course is brilliant. It’s a modern way for me to work with more people, at a cheaper cost to them.

It’s also easy peasy for you. If you can click on Amazon, you can do an online course.

No need to attend the local college 1 night a week.

Just you, in a comfy chair, at home.


I took everything I know about getting your house ready to sell. All the things I go through with people I work for and created little videos, classes, worksheets, before and after photos, and put them in the course, which you can access anytime (or download for taking with you).

There are easy instructions on how to do the course in a video I made of me showing you around it. No big thick manual to read!

Once you join, you’ll get a login to your secure area for instant access and it’s yours indefinitely. No-one else can see you or what you do.

This is the kind of thing you’ll see, individual videos all about each topic.



There is no homework, but the course is split into modules that you should more or less do in order, but you don’t have to.

I don’t check your work, but I do help you if you get stuck.

I open a private group on Facebook for students only and you can dip in and out of that for my help and support. It’s a great way to learn from others if you want to.


  • its a much cheaper way to work with me
  • you’ll get my expert help on what makes a house a buyers dream
  • you’ll learn what to do to get your house looking it’s best in an easy structured way
  • it won’t matter if you think you’re not creative…I lead you by the hand
  • it’s very easy to use
  • do it at your own pace


  • you’ll click the link to purchase
  • you’ll get an email with your login details
  • you’ll get a link to the private group
  • you’ll get access to the first module, so you can watch right away – the rest will be available from Wednesday 14 March
  • I’ll be in the group daily, answering and supporting you
  • I’ll be there once a week doing a live question and answer session where you can get personal help (its recorded if you miss it)
  • don’t worry, you never have to be on camera!
  • you’ll get unlimited email support (for the course duration) so if you’re stuck on something, maybe choosing a colour or where to place a sofa, I’ll help sort you it out, so you can get on with making your home adorable.
  • BONUS– you’ll get access to my Paint Colour Choosing Masterclass worth £49
    How to choose the right paint colour when decorating – could be very useful in your new home as well!
  • QUICK!!! If you’re one of the first 5 to enrol,  you’ll also get a 1 Hour FREE Consultation
    This is a 60-minute call, via video, for a personal review of your home to get you started on the right track.
    WORTH £147

So, if all that sounds good, if you need to get the most money possible when you sell up, so you can move on to your dream home, click below to get more details and jump in!

THE BIDDING WAR BLUEPRINT – How Style, Staging and a bit of Strategy Can Help Sell Your Home For The BEST PRICE As Soon As It Hits The Market