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Home Staging

Work With Me To Get Your House SOLD

There are 2 ways to work with me…either in-person if you’re local, OR, online for anywhere else in the world!


I Come To Your Home

If you’re local I come to yours to help you get your home looking fabulous so it sells!

I Meet You Online

It’s all done on computer (or tablet), I set it up and we chat on Skype, it’s simple and not scary at all!

Hear what people I have worked with have to say…

Our lovely home was on the market for ages and we wondered what was wrong, viewers came but no offers.
I engaged Heather for a consultation and was amazed at her home staging knowledge…its astonishing how constructive simple changes made so much impact.

We hadn’t time to carry out her recommendations so asked her to deal with it while we were away.

On return, our home was transformed with a few new accessories and a fair bit of rearranging of stuff…we liked it so much we nearly took the for sale sign down!

However, after relaunching it on the property site, a family that had seen it a year previously came back and immediately put in an offer.

What we spent was minimal compared to what we saved by getting it sold at the asking price.

Alison Hall

I had no idea where to start preparing my apartment with a TINY budget. 

Heather tactfully but firmly advised what to do & one viewer, who had already agreed to the one next door, was so blown away when he was shown mine, snapped it up instead!!

I know I saved several months of mortgage payments…highly recommended. 

Paula McCalmont